Great American Read: Favorite novel to be named Oct. 23

The Great American Read, a project of PBS for viewers to vote on their favorite novels of all time, will air its grand finale at 8 p.m. on Oct. 23.

This project creates opportunities for families and classrooms to discuss books and engage each other in what they are reading.

Is it even possible to choose America’s favorite novelists? Turns out you can, writes Adam Kirsch in the Wall Street Journal essay, “The Way We Read Now.” It’s storytelling that moves people, more than literary quality, the results show.

The power of story will be no surprise to Read Aloud volunteers or their classroom teachers.

PBS has just published The Book of Books, a companion volume to the series, full of short essays about the books by guests, sure to appeal to readers looking for the next great read.

You can keep up with The Great American Read at Fair warning: You are likely to encounter Charlotte’s Web.

You can connect with The Great American Read on Facebook and through West Virginia public libraries.