Book Trunks

Books Trunks are available for loan to Read Aloud-enrolled schools and classes. To request book trunks, contact our state office at (304) 345-5212.

Trunk 1: Picture Books -View contents in Excel – PDFBook trunk

Trunk 3: Early chapter books, such as Beverly Cleary, Laura Ingalls Wilder – Excel – PDF

Trunk 4: Early chapter books and lots of non-fiction – Excel – PDF

Trunk 5: Novels and short stories for third grade and up, some non-fiction – Excel – PDF

Trunk 6: Novels and short stories for third grade and up, some non-fiction – Excel – PDF

Trunk 7: Fairy tales, folk tales, picture books for preschoolers and early grades – Excel – PDF

Trunk 8: Beginning readers, fairy tales, picture books for early grades – Excel – PDF

Trunk 9: Lots of picture books, including American history topics, plus some series for early readers – Excel – PDF

Trunk 10: Picture books/early chapter books, including Magic Tree House, Third-Grade Detectives, Junie B. Jones – Excel – PDF

Trunk 11: Lots of science, especially space and animals, plus some math and some Magic School Bus volumes – Excel – PDF

Trunk 12: Poetry, picture books and stories for early grades – Excel – PDF

Trunk 13: Lots of picture books, some non-fiction – Excel – PDF

Trunk 14: Lots of picture books – Excel – PDF

Trunk 15: Heavy on science, including space, animals, physics, earth, rocks, fossils and a little science fiction – Excel – PDF

Trunk 16: Science, including earth, animals, space, math – Excel – PDF

Trunk 18: First chapter books, early series and some picture books – Excel – PDF

Trunk 19: Upper elementary chapter books, a few non-fiction and American history titles – Excel – PDF

Trunk 23: Lots of Magic School Bus, plus plenty of science titles – Excel – PDF

Trunk 25: Magic Treehouse, Time Warp Trio, Ramona and other mid-elementary series and novels – Excel – PDF

Trunk 26: Mid-elementary novels plus a few non-fiction titles – Excel – PDF

Trunk 28: Some beginner chapter books, plus some upper elementary novels and non-fiction – Excel – PDF

Trunk 29: Upper elementary novels, including Call of the Wild and Inkheart, plus some earlier chapter books – Excel – PDF

Trunk 30: Fairy tales, Black Lagoon series, dinosaurs and other picture books – Excel – PDF

Trunk 33: Chapter books, picture books and a few non-fiction titles – Excel – PDF

Trunk 34: Lots of picture books, including folk tales and fairy tales retold – Excel – PDF

Trunk 35: Magic Treehouse, Time Warp Trio and other early chapter books – Excel – PDF

Trunk 36: Lots of American history, a few early chapter books and bigger titles such as Mossflower and To Kill a Mockingbird – Excel – PDF

Trunk 37: Lots of Secrets of Droon, Bailey School Kids, Magic Tree House – Word – PDF

Trunk 38: Seventh Tower, Heartland, Deltora Quest and other series – Word – PDF

Trunk 39: Picture books and beginning readers – Excel – PDF